Wednesday, 28 December 2011

I haven’t been an ELF for long. I began liking Super junior in their Mr Simple era. I got involved after I watched It’s Okay, Daddy’s Girl and I fell in love with Donghae. Anyways, I am currently and ELF and being an ELF, it breaks my heart to think that Super Junior is ending soon. I read/hear rumours saying that “their time is up” or “they’re not as famous as they used to be”. I don’t know how I’m supposed to react. I wasn’t an ELF when they were 13. But when I did become an ELF, there were only 10(i think) members. And to think that Leetuek will be enlisting to the army next year too. I mean. It’s already December. I wish time would slow down or even stop. So I could spend a little more time with SUJU. I don’t know what will happen to them after their leader leaves. No one does. And to be honest, I’m freaken scared. What if they never come back? What if Super Junior’s gone? For good?

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