Wednesday, 30 May 2012

helloo :D

well hello hellooo ~
so i didnt post anything since the last post (YOU DONT SAY)

k bout my last post,
guess what?
i made another tumblr and another blog (HARHAR)
(yes yes i know no one would care and idc -.-')

soooo here it is ~
my newest tumblr bukan tumblr pung, more like a diary ;D (and contains a lot of curses so ABAIKAN) NOT KPOP.

my newest blog :D yg ini pule insyaallah akan selalu update kalau ada masa ;)

i think thats all. i was act blog walking and tup tup sampai kat blog sdiri.


Monday, 12 March 2012

hey !

long time no seeee :D

well aku dah tak minat nak blogging (/tumblring) sgt dah.
nak buat gifs pun mls as imma student.

i've made a tumblr tp aku dah abaikan dia for a while.
blog ni pun mmg aku mls sgt nak update.
delete pun malas :D

okay malas nak taip panjang so i'll go straight to ze point:

- my tumblr (i don't think i'll update that anymore)
- my other blog (bru update satu HAHAH)
- :D (dengarlaa~~ sumpah best! XD)

okay itu je kalau ada pape (and kalau aku rajin) aku update lagi
despite aku tau takde sape pung kisah HAHAHAAHHAHAAH :foreveralone:


Monday, 6 February 2012


i had a fight with my friend- oh wait, my BEST FRIEND and it was my fault. and i don't know howwww to persuade her. oh god, FAIRUZ FORGIVE ME.

brb dont have the mood to tumblr

Saturday, 4 February 2012

birthday boy lol
happy belated birthday Kyu~~~ :D


It looks like Ryeowook celebrated his birthday too.

Happy birthday, Wookie.

☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆


It looks like Ryeowook celebrated his birthday too.

Happy birthday, Wookie.
Kyu Kyu ~(-_-~) (~-_-)~
Jia Jia :D

120130 Sukira

Sungmin: I have a question...
Ryeowook: What is it?
Sungmin: If someone is born on February 29th do they have 1 birthday every 4 years?
Ryeowook: So If they lived 40 years they're still 10.
Sungmin: Is it like that?
Ryeowook: Of course it's like that.
Sungmin: Something's wrong here...

Leeteuk told Kyuhyun to make a wish. Kyuhyun: “Wish? I wish that all our members together will always, forever, be with you all.

(Source: seaofbluelights)



Wook: Hyung, did you see this message?
Min: What does it say?
Wook: Who tops? Sungmin or Wookie?
Min: That's easy wookie, I top, Minwook, see?
Wook: No, it's Ryeosung hyung! I should top.
Min: No way, I look manlier so I should top
Wook: Says who, I am a more suited top, see?
Min: Wookie-ah, you follow heechul hyung, so you go bottom.
Wook: Hyung, you bottomed for heechul before remember?
Sungmin: Yah! that was a misunderstanding!
Wook: No it wasn't, I top.
Min: Dream on wookie.
Wook: I top.
Min: No, I do.
Wook: Does not.
Min: Does so.
Wook: Does not.
Min: Does so.
Kyu: Shut up, you both bottom.
Min: Get out of this conversation cho.
Yeye: It's quite obvious tho.
Wook: Yesung, go play with kkoming. I top sungmin hyung.
Min: No, I top you Wookie.
Yeye: Hey Kyu, what's the bet they won't stop for hours?
Kyu: I'm going to go play starcraft..
Yeye: See you here in 5 hours?
Kyu: Okay.

 Please introduce yourself—
so he's Changmin :D

theme suggestion anyone?

i've been thinking about changing my theme.

mine is so simple, wanna find a new one. but im soo lazy to search for it |-_-|
i'll find for it whenever im free. im focusing on rebloging everythingg hah.

lol Min XD


lol i think i shall not delete this blog hahah *macamlah ada org kisah. kesian kau syaz HAH.

well nvrmnd it just im not gonna be so active here as theres family problems beside ze tons of assignments duush |-_-|

PMR haa this year. won't be home often, miss you lah tumblrr ~(-_-~) (~-_-)~ busy busy busy. kbyee

and maybe im not making tumblr. i mean, the real tumblr. you see, it takes long time to upload gif(s) haish.
 but i'll think about it.

Saturday, 28 January 2012

so maybe this is the end..

i was scrolling dowwwn my tumblr crush when i saw this :

no matter how you do it.

especially giving credit like ‘the owner’ or ‘tumblr’ or just ‘gif not mine’ is quite selfish and irresponsible.

what the fuck is that.
BRB. have class.
 280112  1
and i felt very very very very guilty for that. i just credits posts with names.
so i think i'll be deleting this blog, and MAYBE make a tumblr instead, you know.

but with my situation, as a student, im taking ze zcary PMR this year.

so im gonna be veeeeeery busy. can't spend my time with my tumblr (/ blog wtv)

i've thought about it, i'll delete this after i've made my tumblr. 

farewell, ;)

Thursday, 26 January 2012



120126 Sungmin's Twitter Update :D

hyung-ah ~.~ I can't breathe

lol Min in last pic~~~~

120125 Sukira- Sungmin.

poor Min, he got sty... AGAIN! T.T

Sukira- Infinite, Ryeowook and Sungmin :D


A listener sent in a message saying that the colour blue will curb one's temptation to eat, so all you need to do is to get blue spoons and chopsticks.
Sungmin: Then, what if the food is blue in colour. will i lose the temptation to eat it too?
Ryeowook: But, no, i feel that i will still eat it.
Ryeowook: If i am hungry, i will just close my eyes and eat it. I can eat while watching the the television, so the colour won't affect my appetite.
Ryeowook: I don't care about the colour. If i am hungry, who knows, i might even eat the chopsticks!
Siwon broke in between Sungmin and Shindong..
to hold Min's hand? :'D XD