Saturday, 28 January 2012

so maybe this is the end..

i was scrolling dowwwn my tumblr crush when i saw this :

no matter how you do it.

especially giving credit like ‘the owner’ or ‘tumblr’ or just ‘gif not mine’ is quite selfish and irresponsible.

what the fuck is that.
BRB. have class.
 280112  1
and i felt very very very very guilty for that. i just credits posts with names.
so i think i'll be deleting this blog, and MAYBE make a tumblr instead, you know.

but with my situation, as a student, im taking ze zcary PMR this year.

so im gonna be veeeeeery busy. can't spend my time with my tumblr (/ blog wtv)

i've thought about it, i'll delete this after i've made my tumblr. 

farewell, ;)

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