Saturday, 4 February 2012

Wook: Hyung, did you see this message?
Min: What does it say?
Wook: Who tops? Sungmin or Wookie?
Min: That's easy wookie, I top, Minwook, see?
Wook: No, it's Ryeosung hyung! I should top.
Min: No way, I look manlier so I should top
Wook: Says who, I am a more suited top, see?
Min: Wookie-ah, you follow heechul hyung, so you go bottom.
Wook: Hyung, you bottomed for heechul before remember?
Sungmin: Yah! that was a misunderstanding!
Wook: No it wasn't, I top.
Min: Dream on wookie.
Wook: I top.
Min: No, I do.
Wook: Does not.
Min: Does so.
Wook: Does not.
Min: Does so.
Kyu: Shut up, you both bottom.
Min: Get out of this conversation cho.
Yeye: It's quite obvious tho.
Wook: Yesung, go play with kkoming. I top sungmin hyung.
Min: No, I top you Wookie.
Yeye: Hey Kyu, what's the bet they won't stop for hours?
Kyu: I'm going to go play starcraft..
Yeye: See you here in 5 hours?
Kyu: Okay.

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