Wednesday, 21 December 2011

my heart breaks every time ryeowook gets bashed, tbh.

Say for instance, this happens:

KYUHYUN (or any other member but Ryeowook): I’m more handsome than you, etc etc. (referring to another member)
~*FANS*~: Hahaha, Kyuhyun oppa is so evil. So adorable~
RYEOWOOK: I’m more handsome than you, etc etc. (referring to another member)
~*FANS*~: How dare you don’t say it again even it’s just a joke it’s not funny!!!!!!11

This is just a mere example, though. (Or if you’re aware enough, you know something like this is going on).
As a Ryeowook stan, I feel bad, very bad, whenever he gets bashed/attacked by unreasonable insane ~*fans*~ (who do not have the ability to distinguish whether or not something is said as a joke).
We all know how kind-hearted Ryeowook is. He wouldn’t do anything that would hurt any of his members because he loves them dearly. We know, for a fact, that all the teasing that’s happening lately is done for the fun of it. I just hope fans don’t take the teasing too seriously and stop making Ryeowook feel that he’s a horrible guy. (He has been apologizing for the things he shouldn’t be sorry for.)
And oh, there’s this incident, when Ryeowook had to go to the fansign event in lieu of Donghae (because he was injured). I’ve read a fanaccount saying that fans got upset and were not happy because Donghae wasn’t there. Ryeowook kept saying sorry to the fans because they traveled far for Donghae but unfortunately, he wasn’t able to make it. HE WAS APOLOGIZING FOR FILLING IN FOR DONGHAE. HE WAS APOLOGIZING FOR BEING THERE.
Did you even realize how painful it might have been for Ryeowook? Did you even think how he must have felt when some fans made him feel not welcome?
It just pains me because I think he does not deserve any of this — no one in the group does. It makes me sad (and angry) when things like this happen. It’s like, every time he does anything, there’ll always be people who will make him feel he’s wrong and that he must stop.
I know most of the Ryeowook fans feel the same as I do. Other fans might not understand, but whatever, this is fandom. It’s inevitable. I just want to rant my heart out ;_;

From a Wook Fan:
From the beginning with ???(I think it means Kangin not sure) to the recent Lee Donghae
Kim Ryeowook was only following company's orders
Other fans are upset, not happy because they cannot see their own oppa
Is that Kim Ryeowook's fault? Kim Ryeowook purposely caused him not to be able to attend?
Obviously not right.
It is just that because Donghae oppa is injured so he was told to fill in for him
It is just like 
As a Ryeowook fan I don't know how I should face this situation
My idol was scolded, had to publicly make an apology
Submissive and apologetic attitude
There is nothing he can do I guess... he must have been upset
Didn't want to be scolded and just wanted to do things well
Felt that because he is replacing Donghae so he is apologetic to Hae fans
This kind of feeling This apologetic feeling
Other than Wook fans No one else will understand
When seeing it, was silent for a moment didn't know what to say
Kept thinking silently, is he already used to this?
Used to being respectful to his Hyungs, used to being respectful to his Hyungs' fans
Used to being scolded by ANTI 
Used to enduring this burden that was not his to bear
As if he is always being attacked Like he is always underrated
He bear with all this and came out to apologize
In Strong Heart it is the same... joking around with HyukJae hyung
The teasing between close friends
The people involved didn't even say anything but outsiders are creating havoc
Siwon and Kyuhyun joined in the teasing as well
But all the blame was given to Ryeowook
Earlier the comparison between Hyuk and Wook's looks started with Leeteuk
It was only a little joke between the brother to that the show would be more interesting
I really don't know what these people are thinking 
So Ryeowook eventually saw everything
Saw the negative words people are saying to him
So he came out to apologize
He said sorry to the fans who traveled far to see Donghae hyung
He said variety is variety and not to be mistaken that Hyukjae Hyung is his favorite Hyung
He who kept apologizing wasn't even wrong int he first place.
But his apologetic, quiet, self-abasing self made people feel pain for him
Hurting because there is such a obedient child
Wook fans will always be with you no matter what others do 
You are always our only
Best singer best artiste

cr. Coral_with_RyeoWook
I thought I might translate it... stop being unreasonable...

well although the above are about 3-5 months ago, idk about this lol
but when i read this i felt like my eyes watered T.T huuu poor Wookie oppa.

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