Friday, 20 January 2012

oh no =/.=

and the boredom to run this blog is fabulously walking to meh. godd shuuuuuh awaay!
blogging is getting boring.
tumblr is getting boring.

i want to be less kpop, for my own good.

i want to be less kpop, but i hope i don't =.=

coz it just so awsum :D
even gay thingsss are awesomee! >.<
im not saying i support gay, but i like seeing my biases gay for each other LOL i know, its weirdd.

the music, it excites me so much. i really wish i could understand Korean.
yup, everything excites me in the first place, it made me crazy!

but it starts to fade by time. i have to focus for my exam.

honestly, i wish im rich.
i wish im so genius that i work as a hacker for the country *LOL*
and all i have to do is hack and i'll be paid RM3000 per hour *LOL*
then i can travel the world, follow my bias [which is obviously wookie] wherever he goes.
record him and Min in Sukira. and i'll be blogger/tumblr famous for my vids, gifs, live records.
and i wish i understand Korean so i can read their tweet by my own.
i wish i don't have to study urghh = =' but i have to lol.

well thats why shower time is thousand years long lol.

okay, my besties ain't on ze internet yet. gosh, where are they?! like srslyyyyy

fine. i'll do my homework while waiting for them -____-

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