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Easy Magazine September Issue Reveals Some ‘Secrets’ Of The Super Junior Members

1. Yesung
Because he was afraid of being lonely, Yesung spent 300,000 won on buying a land turtle as a pet. In the end Yesung became even more lonely because of the little pet. To improve this condition, Yesung bought 2 more turtles and formed a turtle family. It didn’t change at all. Now the biggest turtle has been donated to the marine museum because it is nearly as big as a sea turtle.
Yesung is famous for going to other members’ bedrooms at night and touching their philtrums. After he touches them he sits for a while and the members are always scared to death. Yesung’s explanation is “Because they are too busy usually, I don’t see them often, I can only see them at night. They look too cute when they sleep so….”
2. Ryeowook
One day Ryeowook ran to Leeteuk and told him “Hyung hyung! Today Eunhyuk hyung was acting weird, he even brought a female into the dorm!” Because the rule is that girls cannot go into male dorms, Leeteuk stormed into the other dorm and found female shoes by the door. They went into the room and saw Ryeowook’s mom who came to visit them.
October 15th is Donghae’s birthday. Dongsaeng Ryeowook was secretly preparing something for him. It was 10:15, Ryeowook went to prepare Donghae’s birthday meal by himself. Album promotions got everybody really busy and when Ryeowook came back after work late at night still with make up and eyeliner on, he went to give Heechul a face mask. This dongsaeng always touches his hyungs.
3. Leeteuk
Leeteuk who is going to be in his 30s is often said to possess a baby face. In a fansign some fans shouted “Peter Pan~~ I’m coming!” Leeteuk stood up, opened his arms and said “I’m coming~” which made the members break out in cold sweats and remind him to act his own age.
As a male idol group, male fans are rare. In a fansign when they see male fans they would all guess whose fan they are of. One time a male fan was looking at Leeteuk when Kangin suddenly walked in front of him, smiling. The fan said “Hey! Walk to a side, I can’t see Leeteuk!”.
 4. Heechul
Every time in a concert the members would always interact with the fans. Heechul is known for interacting the most ‘intense’. If you shoot him with a water gun he will pour a bucket of water on you later.
As a die hard fan of Wonder Girls’ Sohee, Heechul has professed his love for his mandu dongsaeng on many shows, even joining a fansite of hers. JYP knew of this and asked Heechul “Do you want me to call her so you can talk?” Heechul said “I don’t want to go through the back door” and refused him.
Before debut, the boys bet ‘If Heechul went to the girls’ bathroom would be be discovered?’ When Heechul went into the bathroom the girls inside looked at him and said “Wow! So tall!” before they left.
5. Kangin
In a fansign a fan accidentally spilled their drink on Kangin when they were too excited, making his clothes and shoes wet. The security guards came to teach them a lesson and Kangin stood in front of him and faked an angry expression “You idiot!” and then told the fans “Hurry up and leave” so the fans escaped getting into trouble with the guard.
Downstairs Super Junior’s dorm there are always fans waiting, some even not going home at night. Kangin came out from the dorm and brought them to a convenience store to buy them ramen and juice and gave them money to get a taxi home.

6. Donghae
Because there are too many members they are split up into living on dorms on the 11th and 12th floor. Donghae always presses the 11th floor button again so the lift doesn’t stop at the 11th floor and goes straight to the 12th floor. Eunhyuk says that he is a child and it 7, 8 times out of 10 it is Donghae who does this.
There was one time when Yesung was listening to a KRY song, Donghae came over to listen as well. He seriously said to Yesung “Wow! Hyung! This song is too good! Who sang this?” Yesung suddenly felt like strangling him, but couldn’t since Donghae was looking at him with a really innocent and pure smile. He answered “It’s by a group called Super Junior KRY”
7. Eunhyuk
When Eunhyuk was in high school he was very rebellious, he often ran away from home, but before he left, he would leave a message at home saying “I am at _____, come and fetch me” which made his parents and sister laugh. 30 minutes after he leaves, one of his family members would buy hot chocolate and fetch him to come back home.
Leeteuk revealed in the new album Mr Simple Eunhyuk’s concept was a punishment. In a variety show they said that this time he would cover his eyes, not smile, and not have his gums visible, they all used it in the photo. Eunhyuk said “To get back to the mentality I had when I just debuted, the stylist covered half of my face, but recently the members have laughed at me saying I was unattractive, I am thinking of telling my mother”
8. Kibum
 In a fansign a fan put on make up and dressed herself up well for the occasion. The fan said to him “Kibum oppa hello!”.
Kibum: “Ah…. you put make up on?”
Fan: “haha, my name is ____ please sign here”.
Kibum: “Actually it would be better if you don’t put make up on”.
Fan: “Oppa is very handsome”
Kibum: “Make up is not good for your skin”
Fan: “I know…….”
9. Siwon
Prince Siwon lives an American-style lifestyle from the moment he wakes up. He gets up on time every morning, stretches handsomely, washes up and reads English newspaper under the sunlight with a freshly brewed cup of coffee. He has a washing basket to himself and uses it like a basketball basket to throw his clothes in. Donghae imitates him best.
10. Kyuhyun
Evil Kyuhyun always loves pranks. There was a fan who saw him standing there waiting and walked over to greet him. Kyuhyun casually greeted her and slowly took out some pills from his bad and ate them looking like he was in great pain. The fan was really worried and asked “Is Oppa feeling unwell?” Kyuhyun giggled and answered “Vitamins……”
11. Shindong
Like his name, Shindong (Genius Child) loves playing games with everyone, in the new album he put new hints on twitter for everybody to guess, some of them are even harder than exam questions. In ‘Bonamana’ he confessed to his girlfriend in cose in the album jacket.
12. Sungmin
Universities would always have drinking parties for newcomers and even people who could not drink were encouraged to drink. After Sungmin got drunk he started doing aegyo and touching Heechul’s face so Heechul slapped him
For welcoming new students, Sungmin’s school held a “Miss Half Moon” which is a beauty pageant for crossdressing boys. The school wanted a boy who could act and was born very pretty so they chose Sungmin to participate. Sungmin just wore a plain girl’s uniform and got into the Top 3.
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