Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Ryeowook ViVi interview (February Issue)

Q: SJ to you is?
A: So many people, everywhere.
Q: What’s an advantage about being a member of SJ?
A: I get love from a lot of people.
Q: On the contrary, what’s hectic?
A: I’m a university student, but I can’t play and drink like my normal friends.
Q: Predict Super Junior in 10 years?
A: Super Show 14 /laughs
Q: Use one sentence to describe yourself
A:  I was once described by a fan to be like sunshine, to me this is my best performance.
Q: Thoughts after a concert is finished?
A: This is the concert I put the most thought in, I put so much effort in this.
Q: Part that you hope to gain more attention in.
A: I hope everybody can see me when i’m working hard, and my abs. /laughs
Q: Your solo performance was very sexy.
A: Was it sexy? Many people thought it wasn’t suitable for me, when it ended and hoobaes told me it was very charismatic I breathed a sigh of relief.
Q: What do you want to show everyone next time?
A: My comedic side, a different side of Ryeowook.
Q: What were you thinking when you completed your first act in a musical?
A: At first I was having troubles, but after I played my role I was extremely happy. If someone will invite me I will definitely say yes.
Q: Is there anything you spent more time on in acting?
A: The scene where I had to cry was really hard. Sungmin and Donghae told me that you have to turn yourself into the character, I did what hyungs told me to do and I successfully cried.
Q: What’s the best praise?
A: You sing really well.
Q: Food you can cook best?
A: Sausage fried with vegetables, the sausage must be cut like squid.
Q: Your favourite accessory?
A: a shirt and hat!
Q: Future dream?
A: Super Junior’s own concert in Tokyo Dome. 

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